About Us

All God’s Children Honduras is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising and distributing funds to several different ministries of compassion within the country of Honduras. Governed by a Board of Directors in the U.S., board members and other supporters volunteer their time, talents, and money to AGC. 100% of all designated funds raised go directly to the causes they are specified for.


All God’s Children began in 1988 when a group of youth leaders traveled to Honduras with the intention of finding a service opportunity for their church’s youth group. In an unplanned but providential encounter, they met a young woman, who had recently left the convent in order to care for several orphaned children. She was living in a run-down house, not knowing where the next day’s meals would come from, simply trusting God to help her and to provide for these precious children. And provide He did. 

God was only getting started providing; after spending time with her and the children, the youth group leaders committed themselves to partner with them. In these early years, through donations and volunteers, an orphanage facility was built. This began the organization that continues to work on behalf of vulnerable children in Honduras. God has continued to provide through AGC for many years, allowing us to support schools for children who are disabled, children living in a garbage dump, the orphaned, and some of the most disenfranchised. We have joined forces with others over the years that share our heart in becoming God’s hands and feet for vulnerable children in Honduras. 

This single step of faith in 1988 has led to more than 30 years of service to thousands of children in many different projects. Our work in Honduras has brought a Joy and Satisfaction one can only experience when doing God’s will. It is an experience that truly is nourishment to the Soul. Hundreds if not thousands of lives have been transformed, seeing evidence of God and his mercy and grace. As an organization, it has been a joy to experience our donor’s Spiritual growth as they serve alongside us.

Soli Deo Gloria