Board of Directors

“When forming the AGC Board, we thought it would make sense to include representatives from the four main groups that had been involved at the time: Faith Church Elmhurst, Faith Church Tinley Park, Faith Reformed in Dyer, Indiana and the Band of Brothers.” Al continued, “We looked for people that have a heart and dedication to the ministry. As it turns out, God provided people that had the skill sets we needed. Not only that, but they are not afraid to do the work!”

Board Members:

Pamela DeBoer
Allen Heerema, President
John Hiskes, Secretary
Abby Huizenga
Jan Kamp
Paul Lagestee
Tim MacKenzie
John Pabon
Bob Venhousen, Treasurer

Key Staff:

Allen Heerema

Front Row:  Tim MacKenzie, Abby Huizenga, Jan Kamp, Pamela DeBoer
Back Row:  Paul Lagestee, Bob Venhousen, Allen Heerema, John Hiskes