Red Viva

Red Viva 


Red Viva is a wonderful organization in Honduras that works with children who have grown up in institutional care settings. They are some of the pioneers in the country for transitioning out of institutional care and towards family-based practices instead. Not only do they have countless workers who help counsel the children through workshops, job opportunities, and other trainings, they also have connections among churches and communities to provide support. 

Red Viva helps the AGC alumni process their complicated pasts. Due to their deep understanding of the impacts of institutional care and developmental psychology, they are able to design trainings directed specifically towards helping the alumni understand and work through the trauma they have experienced.

Red Viva holds workshops that some of our alumni have attended. They have instructed the alumni regarding entrepreneurship, employability, and personal strengthening. 

Retreat Led by Red Viva


The attendees learn the basics of how to start their own business. They teach a comprehensive plan of what it takes to create a business and establish it for future success. They cover things such as market research, marketing, sales estimation, structural organization of a business, proper focus on the client, costs, sales plan, initial required costs, etc. 

Personal Strengthening 

Red Viva builds up the attendees by teaching on the value of work, self-organization, decision making, conflict resolution, teamwork, communication, and responsibility. In an effort to help them, each person will have to develop a life plan with specific and measurable steps. 


Red Viva will seek to educate the alumni to open the door for more work opportunities. They start at the beginning, explaining the basic characteristics, attitude, and discipline needed to enter the labor force. Next, they explore networking techniques, interviewing practice, and how to excel as an employee. Finally, they go over the personal documentation required for obtaining and keeping a job as well as labor rights within Honduras.