Child Sponsorships

Each year, Hogar de Niños Nazareth and Hogar de Amor accept children that are orphaned, abandoned or surrendered by parents or guardians unable to provide them a home or necessary care. Most are placed by DINAF, the Honduran government agency responsible for finding homes for children in these circumstances.

All God’s Children Honduras is dedicated to providing for more than the children’s basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. We aim to provide for their whole person: emotional, spiritual, academic, medical, physical. We use the term Hogars, which means “home,” because we give the children a loving environment with lots of brothers and sisters, where everyone contributes as a family.

The young people in our care are thriving because of faithful prayers and gifts of support. YOU can play an important part in the lives of the children. When the children know you care about them, they often work harder and desire to make something of themselves. Children want to make their sponsors proud. Whether you have the opportunity to meet your Sponsored Child in person or not, please know that your faithful emotional, spiritual and financial support will have a lifelong impact on him or her.

Monthly sponsorship is the primary way AGC fulfills the primary needs of these children, but additional help is invaluable and greatly appreciated. Donations are tax deductible with every sponsorship dollar going directly to the Honduran ministries AGC provides for.

The Sponsorship Experience

First Steps: 

  • Click the link below to choose how many children you would like to sponsor.
  • Select the amount and frequency of your gift.
  • We will send you a welcome letter with your Sponsored Child’s photo, name, date of birth and a few other details.
  • You will be added to our mailing list to receive Sponsor exclusive mailings and periodic updates, including AGC’s “News of the Ninos” newsletter.
  • Annually, you will receive a letter with your Sponsored Child(ren)’s most recent photo.
  • We encourage you to send your photo or family photo and a letter to your Sponsored Child and begin corresponding. If funds permit, join a Serve Trip and meet your Sponsored Child.

What are some ways to increase my experience with my sponsor child?

  • Pray for your Sponsored Child and the Hogar.
  • Send your Sponsored Child letters regularly.
  • Consider how you can celebrate his/her special occasions.
  • Partner with a Serve Trip to visit the Hogars in Honduras.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How often can I communicate with my Sponsored child?
    • We encourage you to send letters and photos through AGC as often as your schedule permits.
  • What is the full cost to sponsor a child and what does sponsorship cover?
    • Our costs per child are over $200 per month which is why we recommend a $200 monthly sponsorship.
    • Sponsorship covers basic care, education and medical. It includes support services in Honduras such as transportation, the Tias (house moms/support staff), cooks, armed guards, drivers, etc. It does not cover tuition for private school, college or higher learning, specialized services, or advanced medical care/treatment. 
  • I want to sponsor a child but cannot afford the full sponsorship amount. How can I help?
    • That’s okay! Pay what you can and we will combine your support with another sponsor. 
  • How can I send care packages to my Sponsored Child?
    • Care packages are thoughtful ways to show your Sponsored Child you are thinking of them and care for them.
    • The best way to send a care package is by sending a check made payable to AGC. Why? Because 100% of your check will go to the needs of your Sponsored Child, instead of a portion going to shipping. You can be confident knowing you are providing your Sponsored Child with exactly what he/she needs while stimulating the Honduran economy and reducing the cost and logistics of sending a care package from the U.S. It also reduces the risk of the care package being lost or stolen during the mail process.
  • Who pays for the children attending colleges in Honduras and America?
    • All God’s Children relies on the generous donations of individuals and organizations to cover the additional costs of college tuition, books, housing, security, transportation, clothing, etc. 
  • My Sponsored Child is no longer at the Hogar, what happens now?
    • Children grow up and leave the Hogar. If your Sponsored Child is no longer under the care of the Hogar, we will notify you and recommend directing those funds to another child. 
  • At what age do we stop sponsoring a child?
    • Sponsors are encouraged to keep making donations until their Sponsored Child is no longer living under the care of the home. Much like your own children, you would typically support them through college, until they begin to live on their own.

Sponsor a Child

Monthly Sponsorship

Monthly Sponsorship

Mark 9:37

Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.