God is working in Honduras.


Imagine being a child and being completely alone in a frightening world. Imagine growing up without the love, guidance, and encouragement that only a parent can give, living without a reliable source of food, shelter, medicine, or clothing. For too many Honduran children, they don’t have to imagine this.

It describes their daily lives.


All God’s Children began in 1988, since then other ministries to orphaned or abandoned youth in Honduras have become a part of the All God’s Children network. These ministries share the same mission: to provide an environment of love and practical care where the eternal trajectory of an orphan’s life is changed, where despair can be replaced with hope.

Some of these ministries are briefly introduced under the ministries tab, to give you a glimpse into the amazing work that’s being done in the name of Christ. Please partner with us to continue spreading the hope and love of Jesus to these disadvantaged but precious children.


Honduras is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. With many questions about employment as well as corruption, there are many vulnerable children exposed to violence and gang activity.  Within the country of Honduras, thousands of children become orphaned or abandoned each year, some as a result of the death of their parents, some as a result of extreme poverty. Many children are surrendered to orphanages by parents or guardians who are simply unable to feed them; others end up on the streets, living an existence that spirals downward into daily acts of desperation in an attempt to survive.

All God’s Children is dedicated to remembering these young ones, imagining a better future for them, and working to share the hope that lasts for each precious child.


Watch how God is changing the lifes of orphans and all of those involved with All God’s Children.