Point Honduras

Point Honduras, operating since 2006, brings a holistic care approach to four of the most dangerous areas in Tegucigalpa. Their mission centers on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ while caring for society’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

  1. Children’s Programs:
    • Point Honduras designs programs to meet the daily physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs of students.
    • Each weekday, they serve 750 children who come to their centers.
    • These children receive a hot meal, education, and teachings of the gospel in a loving and nurturing environment.
    • For many of these children, this meal is their only sustenance.
  2. Keeping Children in School:
    • Point actively works to prevent children from joining gangs by keeping them in school.
    • They achieve this through:
      • Tutoring services: Supporting academic progress.
      • Providing essential school supplies.
      • Ensuring access to school uniforms, which many families cannot afford otherwise.
  3. Free Medical Clinics:
    • The children enrolled in Point’s program, along with their families, receive comprehensive medical care and necessary medicines at no cost.
    • This compassionate approach ensures that even the most vulnerable members of the community have access to essential healthcare
  4. Affordable Services for Other Residents:
    • Point’s clinics extend their services to other residents in the communities they serve.
    • These residents are charged a nominal fee of $3 for medical consultations and treatments.
    • By providing affordable care, Point significantly reduces health disparities
  5. Professionalism and Compassion:
    • We are impressed by how Point Honduras interacts with the people in these underserved communities.
    • Their commitment to professionalism and genuine care makes a significant impact on the lives of those they serve.
We were originally introduced to Point by Randy and Mercedes Wittig who had befriended Point’s director, Dr. Ivan Lainez. They both spoke very highly of him and of the work that he was doing at Point. We maintained contact with Dr. Ivan and financially supported Point during the Covid pandemic. The AGC Board has collaborated with and joined forces with the U.S.-based Point Advisory board. 
Dr. Ivan began working with Point while he still was working as a Medical Doctor. After a couple of years, he was offered the position of director and he gave up his medical practice to serve God by serving these children. Dr. Ivan is a proven who has already stepped in and helped AGC with some of our partners. 
Soli Deo Gloria.